Venezuela’s Highest Grossing Film in History Zero Hour Blasts Stateside

Zapata 666 in The Zero Hour (2010) Movie Image

Hyped as the “highest grossing local film in Venezuelan history”, you gotta figure there has to be a little sumthin’ sumthin’ to director Diego Velasco’s “Zero Hour”, right? You can find out for yourself when the gritty crime caper arrives Stateside sometime in 2012, launching on VOD on Maya’s Comcast and Time Warner branded folders, Blu-Ray/DVD, and iTunes and other digital platforms that you kids and your fancy high-tech ways seem to enjoy watching movies on these days. Why, back in my day, we walked ten miles to see a movie in the theaters! Ahem. Two English-subtitled trailers for the film below.

Quickly becoming the highest grossing local film in Venezuelan history, “La Hora Cero” (aka The Zero Hour) is a gritty, fast-paced heist film. Set in Caracas during the 24 hours of a controversial medical strike, it follows Parca, a tattooed hit man as he takes a private hospital hostage in order to save his girlfriend. What seemed like a perfect plan will end in a frenetic outcome, as Parca is forced to come to terms with his past, and as he discovers that his worst enemies are much closer than he ever imagined. A love story told in the midst of chaos, “La Hora Cero” is a timely and universal story about the mythic rise to power and the inevitable fall from grace.

Starring Zapata 666, Amanda Key, Erich Wildpret, and Laureano Olivares. I kid you not. The lead actor is credited as Zapata 666. Hopefully that’s just a stage name, and not something his momma gave him. Cause, you know, that would really suck for a kid in school with that name.