Vera Farmiga Gets in on Safe House

Production on Daniel Espinosa’s “Safe House” is already underway with Ryan Reynolds and Denzel Washington starring (set photos here), but it’s just now added “Source Code’s” Vera Farmiga to the cast. Farmiga will essentially be playing a variation of her “Source Code” character in “Safe House” — in this case, a veteran CIA agent monitoring Reynolds’ rookie spook out in the field.

“Safe House” has Reynolds playing a CIA noob who has to escort his dangerous, ex-agent charge (Washington) when their safe house is attacked by even more dangerous factions. The two must, of course, team up to survive.

The cast also includes Brendan Gleeson, Tanit Phoenix, Sam Shepard, Robert Patrick, Nora Arnezeder and Liam Cunningham.

Vera Farmiga in Higher Ground (2011) Movie Image