Verily, Thor 2 Doth Needeth A New Directoreth

The Avengers Portrait - Chris Hemsworth as ThorApparently Patty Jenkins was just to Patty for Marvel’s “Thor” sequel, because the “Monsters” director, who was announced as the franchise’s new helmer after original director Kenneth Branagh made it clear he had no interest in returning, has now departed the film.

The reason? “Creative differences”, of course. Which basically can mean anything, from not getting what she wanted to Marvel asking for too many things she didn’t want, to her cat dying. In Hollywood, creative differences is an easy excuse to cover just about every conceivable reason why a talent has left a film.

And so, “Thor 2” needs a new director, with Marvel already launching their search as we speak. Though I suppose they can lolly gaggle if they so wishes. After all, the sequel is scheduled for release on November 15, 2013, which is two years away. Counting one year for shooting and post-production, there’s plenty of time to get a proper sequel ready by late 2013.

By the by, Kenneth Branagh’s “Thor” is pretty good, but it could have been so much better…

Via : Deadline