EXCLUSIVE: Verne Troyer, Elizabeth Banks to Star in Stiller’s Remake of Leprechaun

If you’re in the market for yet another big-budget remake of a marginally popular horror franchise, prepare to enter a glorious world of unimaginable bliss. According to an anonymous email we received early this morning, Verne Troyer and Elizabeth Banks are set to star in Ben Stiller’s upcoming “interpretation” of writer/director Mark Jones’ much-maligned 1993 horror/comedy “Leprechaun”. Working from a script co-written by collaborator Justin Theroux, the picture is rumored to be a “shot for shot” recreation of the original film, much like Gus Van Sant’s grossly misguided 1998 atrocity “Psycho”. With both Seth Rogen and Judd Apatow handling producing duties, it’s a pretty safe bet that they’re approaching this ambitious project with tongues firmly inserted into respective cheeks. As long as they figure out a way to cleverly incorporate the little guy’s rap song from “Leprechaun in the Hood”, I’ll be an extremely happy camper. Filming is scheduled to begin this fall. From where I’m sitting, 2011 just got a little sweeter.

For more information about this lofty venture, direct your browsers to this location.

Leprechaun Rap

Note: This was an April Fools joke 4/1/10.