Very Cool Extended Preview Trailer for the CW’s Arrow


Stephen Amell in ARROW

This almost 4-minute extended preview for the CW’s new superhero show “Arrow” looks so good and has such great potential that I’m even going to forgive it for the hammy voiceover by the hero. When the producers promised that they were going darker, more “Bourne”-ish with the show, apparently they weren’t kidding. I guess not having a hero who can fly or shoot laser beams out of his eyes sort of helps with keeping the show grounded. It’ll be interesting to see how long they can keep it up, though. At the end of the day, it is a show about a dude with a bow and arrow fighting criminals, after all. But as you can see, this superhero isn’t above snapping some fool’s neck. So in that respect, he’s even more hardcore than Batman.

Billionaire playboy Oliver Queen was missing and presumed dead for five years before being discovered alive on a remote island. He has been changed by his ordeal and must hide the truth about the man he’s become while making amends for the actions he took as a boy.

Starring Stephen Amell, Colin Donnell, Katie Cassidy, David Ramsey, Willa Holland, Susanna Thompson, and Paul Blackthorne.

“Arrow” fights back this Fall on the CW.

Stephen Amell in ARROW Poster

Author: Nix

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  • Dedpool

    NICE!! I don’t know I like the voice over. It gives it a noir feel. Drsden Files was able to pull it off. I think this could work too. I’d just keep the voiceovers relegated to the Arrow stuff, not anything Oliver Queen related…but that is a very hard line to tow.

  • A_deadite

    Trailer looks good but the title and the filters look very cheap. I’d rather they leave out the sfx and place more time, money and effort in the wicked parkour (sp?) that the arrow does. To be honest though, if this isn’t villain of the week BS, this show may actually be great. I really hope it succeeds.

    • Dedpool

      Defintiely! They should go with something along the lines of the way the stories in “Justified” play out. Also I’d definitely like more parkour!

  • clarkspark

    gasp! Deathstroke mask! Ok I’ll watch…though it bothers me to hear just ‘Arrow’.

    • Dedpool

      Yeah i saw that and was like YES PLEASE!!
      Bring on Tommy Merlyn as his flipside (bored playboy turned assassin) and Count Veritgo (with an eyepiece that messes with people’s equilibrium and Brick as the musclebound injury resistant up and coming Crimelord. I’d even say throw in Prometheus.

      • Juggernaut

        I read that they re-wrote Merlyn as his best friend. I suppose that would work. I’m really curious to see if Deathstroke is a character in the series or if the breif glimpse of Slade’s signature mask was only an easter egg for the fans. Cou nt Vertigo, Prometheus and Brick would be cool to see pop up. Not sure how they’re going to use Laurel (Dinah) Lance’s character either. Hopefully she’ll grow into the Black Canary (or will it be just ‘Canary’ here? LOL).

        • Dedpool

          I think it will just be Canary, I actually think i read that somewhere. And here’s where fanboy groans will start. I also heard they’re grounding this so no powers for anyone, at least not at first. So don’t expect a canary cry even if she does don the fishnets. I have a feeling they’ll play up her fighting skills instead and make her a serious badass, which i wouldn’t mind. And hell if they wanted to do something with the canary cry, give her a piece of tech from Queen industries (slightly based on and reverse engineered from the vertigo device, but sonic based)

          • Juggernaut

            That would be awesome! I think that having the characters non-powered, while being a bit anti-comic, is the right choice, at least at first. Like you said Tech based “powers” would be really cool. Obviously the meta human aspect doesn’t really translate very well, just look at the short lived Birds Of Prey. While I liked BOP it was abit campy. I also feel that it will distance itself from the obvious Smallville comparisons. I hope this show is cool and a success. Having more and more characters from DC introduced would be really cool. My only complaint is the ditching of the ‘Green’ from the moniker and changing Star City to Starling City. There is really no need to in my opinion.

          • Dedpool

            Yeah I too liked the idea of BoP but it came off kinda campy. Even Smallville did at some points. I think as show like this with the character being who it is actually benefits from grounding it in the real world. I’m not going to buy him beating superpowered people with trick arrows all the time. I also don’t see the need to ditch the “Green” in the name but then again people saying “Hey its the Green Arrow” would probably sound corny. But then again it IS based on a comic. the starling city thing doesn’t bother me though, It actually sounds like a real city name. Star City always sounded weird to me.

  • Debo4735

    This looks really good, and for some reason I think this guy could be the next Batman, because Christian Bale won’t be playing the part after DKR.

  • Dominique Hatcher

    At first, I didn’t like this at all. It’s starting to grow on me though. But this still just doesn’t feel like Green Arrow to me. I guess I’m comparing it to the versions seen in JUSTICE LEAGUE, DC SHOWCASE, and yes on SMALLVILLE. I always liked that Oliver was basically Batman without the trauma and self-loathing and it was interesting seeing them play off one another. This version seems more like Earth-1610 Hawkeye from the Ultimate Marvel comics. And they even took the “Green” out of his name! What’s with that? “Arrow” just sounds so……generic.

    Now, setting it in a stanalone universe where the main protagonist is the only superhero (DC seems to love doing that with their movies/tv shows, excluding SMALLVILLE) may keep the show “grounded in reality”, but that will get boring about midway through the first season unless they throw some badass villains in the mix. So far, Oliver’s biggesr threat seems to be his own mother! As cool as it would be, I don’t see Deathstroke showing up in this. The mask definitely seemed like an easter egg moment to me. But we do have Merlyn, so here’s hopin he turns villainous at some point. I’m predicting his and Arrow’s relationship will be a similar one to Clark and Lex.

    I’m never this negative toward a new tv show/film, but I’m trying to look at the good points. ARROW looks pretty solid, I’m just still not convinced it’s gonna last past Season 1. I applaud them trying something different, but with the fanbase they already had from SMALLVILLE, was it necessary? Seems to be the latest victim of “Nolan Syndrome”. It’ll be interesting to see where this goes……

    • Dedpool

      Reaf Green Arrow Year One. It looks like the show is drawing heavily from there!

    • Juggernaut

      I agree with all of those points.