Very Cool New, Detailed Looks at Man of Steel Toy Fair Figures

Zod Man of Steel Toy Fair Figure

Well I guess you can’t really call these action figures, right? Action figures are still those toys where you can bend their legs and arms and make them do battle, if I recall. These look to be rigidly set on a platform of some sort and made to be put on a shelf and admired, and not played with. Which is a bummer. I mean, sure, they look cool and all (the detail is pretty amazing), but don’t kids still like playing with their toys these days? (Then again, “kids” might not be the main target audience here…)

Anyways, check out your best look at the main characters from Zack Snyder’s Superman reboot, “Man of Steel” in toy form yet courtesy of Kotaku.

How crazily detailed does Zod’s armor look? And Jor-el’s, too. I guess you can sort of see the difference between those two and Superman’s threads. One was designed way back in the ’30s (despite some minor alterations for the movie, it’s still the same basic suit Supes has been wearing for what, a 100 years now?), while Snyder and company were probably free to do whatever they wanted with Zod and Jor-el, and it really shows.

Snyder’s “Man of Steel”, starring Henry Cavill, Russell Crowe, and Michael Shannon arrives in theaters June 14th.

Jor-el Man of Steel Toy Fair Figure

Zod Man of Steel Toy Fair Figure

Superman Man of Steel Toy Fair Figure

Faora Man of Steel Toy Fair Figure