Very Promising Trailer for the South Korean Actioner Invincible

The first thing you should know about Song Hae-sung’s upcoming thriller “Invincible” is that it’s a remake of the John Woo’s classic “A Better Tomorrow”, a film that definitely helped shape my love for Eastern action flicks way back in the 90’s. The idea of a remake is interesting, especially since the film appears to be taking a somewhat different approach to the original material. And while the assorted press photos suggest that the film has been stuffed with an assortment of impossibly pretty individuals, the embedded trailer definitely proves the production has a bit more punch than you may initially believe.

Here are some specifics, courtesy of Film Smash:

Song Seung-hun, who gained Asia-wide stardom with his performance on the TV drama series Autumn Fairy Tale, has taken the equivalent of the role played by Chow Yun-fat in the 1986 original.

Ju Jin-mo (200 Pounds Beauty) will play a former North Korean special forces soldier looking for forgiveness from his younger brother, the equivalent of Ti Lung’s role in the original, and Kim Kang-woo (Marine Boy) will play the cop who can’t forgive his older brother, the equivalent of Leslie Cheung’s role in the original.

At a budget of $8.7m (KW10bn), the film is due to start shooting in January with plans to be released in the second half of 2010.

The producers emphasise that the remake will bring only the characters and basic set-up from the original, with a completely different way of portraying them. The script has recently been finished, with the story of North Korean special forces soldiers entering the world of organised crime.

The aforementioned preview rests below. Feel free to pick it apart if you wish. I’m actually curious to see what fans of the original think about this particular remake.