Victoria’s Secret Model Marisa Miller Will Strut Her Stuff in RIPD

R.I.P.D. Comic Book CoverHey, if Brooklyn Decker can turn being half-naked in magazines and wearing frilly lingerie in fashion shows into a movie career, why not Marisa Miller?

The Victoria’s Secret and former Sports Illustrated supermodel has officially joined the cast of Robert Schwentke’s “R.I.P.D.”, his adaptation of the comic book of the same name. The curvaceous Miller will play co-star Jeff Bridges’ undead cop’s human avatar, the form humans see when Bridges’ character is in his earthly form. It’s a horror/buddy cop comedy. Get it?

“R.I.P.D.” will star Ryan Reynolds as a murdered cop who is recruited into the Rest in Peace Department, which is sort of like NYPD Blue, if all the cops were, you know, dead. Our hero attempts to do his job while trying to find out who killed him.

Stephanie Szostak will play Reynolds’ character’s wife, Mary-Louise Parker his new boss, and Kevin Bacon as the baddie.

Marisa Miller