Video: 30 Seconds of Optimus Prime vs. Bonecrusher!!!

I’m not sure if this was the footage that was said to be appearing at the MTV Movie Awards, because I missed most of the show and can’t tell you either way. But over at Michael Bay’s official blog, they’re hosting a 30-second clip (see below) of Optimus Prime and Bonecrusher getting it on on the freeway. No, seriously. Bonecrusher demolishes a bus and while he’s still engulfed in flames, charges into Optimus Prime and they go careening across the highway and OFF IT. I kid you not. This is one of the coolest 30-seconds I’ve ever seen. See the clip below!

“Transformers” arrives early July 3rd with special screenings on July 2nd.

Added: here’s another 1-minute long “Transformers” clip showing some new footages: