Video Nasties on DVD!

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Ok, the title might be a bit misleading – sure, you can get some of the video nasties on DVD – but this post is about something a bit different.  At Frightfest this year, they’re going to be showing Jake West’s new documentary, “Video Nasties: Moral Panic, Censorship and Videotape” – an exploration into the whole sorry debacle that occurred during the ’80s in the U.K.

After its premiere at the festival, it’s getting a bloody well nice DVD release courtesy of Nucleus films on the 11th October.  It’s a shiny 3 disc affair and comes with trailers for all 72 of the video nasties along with introductions from those in the know (Emily Booth, Neil Marshall etc), alongside the actual documentary of course.  It’s also got the artwork for all the films and other bits and bobs.

I’ll be seeing the film at the festival so depending on how many epidodes of “Malcolm in the Middle” I have to watch, I might get a review of it up – I’m a busy man you see.  Also, I haven’t had a shower in three weeks now and there’s this pulsating red blob thing covering my hand, I’ve tried to cut it off with an axe, but it just got bigger.  They should make a film about it.

Author: Gazz Ogden

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    Dammit I really wanna go to Frightfest but am so fricking busy. Shit the bed!