Video: The Walking Dead Season 2 First Day of Shooting

After taking a brief respite from the zombie apocalypse, it looks like the cast and crew of AMC’s “The Walking Dead” are back and hard at work on Season 2, as you can see from this two-minute behind-the-scenes video from the first day of shooting. It looks like Dale’s RV has taken a bit of pounding there, and at the most inopportune time to boot, if all the castmembers hiding out underneath parked cars on the Interstate are any indication.

Season 2 of “The Walking Dead” returns this October to AMC. Instead of the six episodes of Season 1, the second season will have 13 episodes to play with.

AMC previously released two official zombie pics here, and more Shane (aka actor Jon Bernthal) behind-the-scenes pics can be found here.