Viggo Mortensen and Kristen Stewart Maybe/Possibly Headlining Snow White and the Huntsman

With the gunfighter role in “The Dark Tower” having been reportedly offered to Javier Bardem (over Mortensen and a freshly rumored Christian Bale), Viggo Mortensen is now looking for a new movie, and THR says he’s currently in negotiations to take the male lead in Universal’s re-imagining of the Snow White fable, the Rupert Sanders-directed “Snow White and the Huntsman”. Well, that didn’t take very long. He would play, of course, the Huntsman.

Meanwhile, Kristen Stewart is being courted to play Snow White, who is hunted by the Huntsman at the behest of the evil Queen, but decides to team up and help the little lass instead. Apparently Stewart has become such hot stuff right now thanks to the “Twilight” movie that if she wants the role, it’s hers for the taking. No screen tests required, in fact, which is quite a feat in Hollywood.

I would have preferred Mortensen as the gunslinger in Ron Howard’s “The Dark Tower”, but I suppose chasing after Snow White as the Huntsman will do. He could probably just dust off his wardrobe from the “Lord of the Rings” movies.