Vikings’ Travis Fimmel Joining Duncan Jones’ World of Warcraft Movie

Travis FimmelThe Duncan Jones film, which will adapt the bestselling series of MMORPG games by Blizzard Entertainment, looks like it’s nabbed Travis Fimmel, who is currently fronting History Channel’s “Vikings” TV series, for one of its four leads.

He joins the previously rumored Paula Patton and Colin Farrell in the cast, though apparently no one’s deal is done, but they’re getting there, with Patton’s deal much farther along than Farrell’s. What does that mean? No idea. Maybe there’s a chance Farrell might not sign on?

The Australian Fimmel apparently doesn’t have a deal in place as of this writing, but its believed he’s Legendary’s guy. No word if he’s actually the male lead, or just one of the leads. From the sounds of it, the Charles Leavitt script that Jones will be directing from is an ensemble movie.

No word on what the plot will be about, but I suspect it’ll involve swords and arrows and orcs and such. You know, wacky fantasy stuff that you kids love so much.

“Vikings” is a show I’ve been meaning to get into, but for some reason never quite got past the pilot. I still have it all lined up in my DVR, and one of these days — probably before the Season 2 premiere — I’ll catch up. (Probably.)

Although he’s primarily known as the star of “Vikings”, I actually first spotted Fimmel in the indie actioner “The Baytown Outlaws”, where he played an Alabama redneck with a penchant for shooting things up. No, really.

Production on “World of Warcraft”, which at one point was supposed to be directed by Sam Raimi, is expected to commence sometime in early 2014 for a 2015 release.

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Via : Variety