Vin Diesel and Tony Jaa (But Mostly Tony Jaa) Some Off Some Impressive Combat Moves

Vin Diesel and Tony Jaa

So does this mean there will be some high-kicking fun in James Wan’s “Fast and Furious 7”? That seems pretty likely, giving this is the training video Vin Diesel just posted on his Facebook page. The man has over 49 million fans, and slowly heading towards 50 million, did you know that? Damn. Thems lotsa fans.

Anyhoo. Diesel has posted this latest video, showing him and Thai action star Tony Jaa doing some crazy high-flying kicks and training. Does this mean there will be a scene between the two men? Quite possibly. Jaa was added to the movie a while back, but we have no idea what kind of role it is. Probably as one of bad guy Jason Statham’s henchmen, I’m guessing, similar to Joe Taslim in the last movie.

By the way, the franchise is such a juggernaut now, that I don’t think they’re even going to waste time with subtitles. It’s going to be “Fast and Furious 7”, “Fast and Furious 8”, etc from this point on, would be my guess. Until, of course, the inevitable reboot, then it’ll be “Fast and Furious: A New Beginning”, or something idiotic like that.

Until that happens, here’s Vin Diesel and Tony Jaa kicking it up in a gym somewhere while shooting “Fast and Furious 7”, due out next year.