Vin Diesel Busts Up a S2000 on Fast and the Furious 4

Either Vin Diesel is a very aggressive driver, or he’s a very bad one. Either way, if you were one of those guys with a cool car who submitted your ride to the “Fast and Furious 4” production in hopes it’ll be featured in the flick, you may end up getting more than you bargained for. Case in point: Ben from Bespoke Ventures lent his S2000 to the production, and got it back — barely. According to Ben, during one of the film’s scenes, Vin Diesel (who was driving) managed to damage the fender, hood, bumper, and headlight of the S2000.

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You can watch how my car got damaged but you’ll need to wait until 2009 when The Fast and the Furious 4 comes out to see it. It was a cool scene in the film, but I guess Vin got a little more into character than we all expected. A damaged fender, hood, bumper and headlight wasn’t supposed to be part of the deal! Oh well, at least 10 million or so people will enjoy watching the craziness that ensued to create this mini-tragedy for my car. Now I need to have Mana-P re-do the graphics for the front half of the car as I replace all of the parts and repaint. This is going to be expensive…

No word whether Universal is going to pay for the damages. You’d think they would have to, right? Then again, I hope Ben didn’t sign the wrong papers before handing over the car keys…

Here’s how the car looked before it got Diesel-ed:

Fast and Furious 4


Fast and Furious 4