Vin Diesel Drops Another Cool Riddick 3 Concept Art

As much as I felt that “The Chronicles of Riddick” was a missed opportunity as a platform to continue the adventures of Richard B. Riddick after “Pitch Black” (it was too big, too fast, and there were parts of it that was just clunky), I’m still anxious to see a third film in the series (not counting, of course, the animated film that bridged “Black” and “Chronicles”).

Vin Diesel, the man who played Riddick, is also anxious to get it up and running, and for the life of me, I don’t see why it’s been languishing in development hell, especially with Diesel’s star once again as high as it’s ever been thanks to the success of “Fast Five”. Apparently David Twohy, the writer/director on the two films, is still working on “Riddick 3”, because he recently sent Diesel this latest concept artwork from the third movie.

Via Vin Diesel’s Facebook