Vin Diesel Talks Fast Six, Dead People Who Aren’t Dead, Trilogies — SPOILERS

The following article CONTAINS SPOILERS about “Fast Five”, so if you haven’t seen the movie, I suggest not reading on.


So if you’ve already seen Justin Lin’s “Fast Five” and stayed after the credits (a must nowadays, though I personally don’t know if it’s a good thing myself, since sitting in the dark watching credits roll for five/six minutes to get an extra 30-60 seconds is a tad annoying), then you probably already know that “The Fast and Furious 6” will feature the return of a character you thought was dead.

That character, of course, is Michelle Rodriguez’s Letty, who was revealed to still be alive at the end of “Fast Five” (courtesy of a va-va-voom Eva Mendes, making her own return to the “Fast and Furious” franchise after beguiling bad guys in “2 Fast 2 Furious”) and doing the bad girl thing over in Europe.

Speaking to EW, Vin Diesel confirms that Dominic Toretto’s lady love Letty will be back in part six, and explains why she’s still alive (someone better tell Elsa Pataky’s character):

It was very deliberate, the way the Letty character was handled in Fast 4. It was very deliberate that you never saw the body. When Dom confronts Fenix, he says, ‘I don’t remember her face because the last time I saw her she was burning’ — not, ‘I shot her in the f—ing head.’ You’re going to learn more in the next one.

After promising “the best sex scene” in the sixth movie after delivering “the best fight scene” in the fifth one (between himself and the Rock, which I have to admit, was pretty glorious), Diesel continues on his thoughts about the franchise’s future and trilogies in general:

If I were going to do it indefinitely, I’d have to do it in threes. So after the sixth, we’d have to map out the next three stories before I did the seventh. I’ll never do 7 without knowing what 7, 8, and 9 look like.

I personally don’t get this need of Hollywood to do everything in trilogies, but whatever.

So, one more “Fast and Furious” movie, this one set in Europe, and then what? Three more? Even the “Ocean’s 11” movies, which the “Furious” franchise is starting to pattern itself after, topped off at three, and Diesel is already talking about four more…