Vin Diesel Talks Sub-Mariner, Fantastic Four’s Doom

Not all that long ago, Vin Diesel probably could have gotten a “Sub-Mariner” movie made if he wanted to. That time is long gone, but with the sudden re-emergence of the man’s career (a $72 million dollar opening weekend for one of your movies will do that), maybe Diesel has the pull once more to get Namor on the big screen. And failing that, how about joining a reboot?

In an interview with MTV to promote “Fast & Furious”, Vin Diesel talked about which comic book characters he’d like to tackle. He mentions Doctor Doom from “The Fantastic four” (not a bad choice, considering that The Powers That Be are giving out rumblings about rebooting the franchise), and also his long-standing desire to make a “Sub-Mariner” movie:

“I have some superhero favorites,” Diesel admitted. “I talked to [‘The Surrogates’ director] Jonathan Mostow about ‘Sub-Mariner,’ which could be interesting because of its World War II-New York connection.”

Okay, so nothing solid or anything, but you know, it’s a pretty slow news Monday.

In any case, it probably won’t happen, since I doubt Universal is going to let Vin Diesel run off and do a fish movie when he’s got “The Fast and Furious 5” lined up. What, you didn’t know? After $72 million at the box office for part four, you bet your ass Universal will be cranking up a part five very soon. Just wait for the official announcement…

Below: Those bubbles? Not what you think. Ol Namor was always a little gassy in the mornings.