Vin Diesel’s Riddick is Casting, Plot Details and SPOILERS

After a whole lotta fits and starts, it seems as if Vin Diesel and director David Twohy’s “Riddick”, their third movie in the “Pitch Black” franchise, is ready to go. (I suspect you can thank the monster box office of “Fast Five” for this.)

Over at Moviehole, they’ve gotten their hands on a list of some new characters that will be appearing in “Riddick”, including:

  • Boss Johns (father of Cole Hauser’s Johns character from “Pitch Black”)
  • Santana (Boss Johns’ right hand man)
  • the sexy female merc Dahl
  • The smug commander Krone

Although “Riddick” will be returning to the franchise’s “man vs. monsters” route ala “Pitch Black”, it will still tie up the loose ends from the clunky “The Chronicles of Riddick” that, let’s be honest, didn’t really work. According to Moviehole, who has read the script, Karl Urban’s character Vaako makes a cameo appearance, and Radha Mitchell’s ill-fated Captain Fry from “Pitch Black” is also mentioned.

The plot of “Riddick”, in a nutshell, has Riddick tiring of being the leader of the Necromonger (and constantly having to fight off would-be assassins trying to nab his throne) and essentially “retiring”, handing the reigns over to Vaako, who agrees to drop him off at his homeworld, Furya. There, Riddick finds himself under assault from monsters as well as mercenaries sent to finish him. Boss Johns also shows up to torture some answers out of Riddick in regards to his son’s fate. I reckon he’s not going to be a very happy dad. Last we saw, the lesser John was monster snack food.

Another new character includes another Furyan named Alpha Kid, a weapons-packing 12-year old.

Other than that, this certainly sounds like a return to “Pitch Black” territory, and no more of that nonsense about looking for the “Underverse” or whatever the hell they were talking about in “Chronicles”. Cripes, what a mess that one was.