Vincenzo Natali Directing Reverse-Ghost Story Haunter

Woman in White GhostIt’s like Casper the Friendly Ghost, but it’s a girl, her name is Lisa, and she wants to save you from dying. At least, that’s the going premise for “Haunter”, a new film that “Cube” and “Splice” director Vincenzo Natali has signed on to direct.

The film, from a script by Brian King, will tell the tale of “Lisa, who, along with her family, died in 1986 under “sinister circumstances” but remain trapped in their house. Lisa haunts (and possesses) a young “living” girl by the name of “Olivia in an attempt to save her from the same fate.”

I’ve been a fan of Natali’s ever since he wowed me with “Cube” way, way back in 1997. His last film, “Splice”, which also counts as his most mainstream/biggest released movie to date, was, uh, kinda wacky. While it had its moments, it was, for the most part, sort of silly, and I believe not indicative of what Natali can really do with a decent budget. Here’s hoping Natali gets back into a groove with “Haunter”. The idea behind the film certainly sounds promising enough.

Filming on “Haunter” is expected to commence this March in Toronto.

Vincenzo Natali in Splice (2009) Movie Image

Via : Bloody-Disgusting