Vincenzo Natali Explores the Zombie Apocalypse in a New Short Film

The Undeading Short Film

Well, it’s not really a short film, it’s actually an extended public service announcement for Canada’s Heart and Stroke Foundation about the importance of CPR that just happens to look very cinematic and even has a title, “The Undeading”. Yes, even in the zombie apocalypse, CPR is very necessary, though I’m not sure how calling 9-1-1 for help will be, you know, very helpful. It’s less than three minutes long and has a pretty nifty twist at the end, so check it out, check it outers.

Natali, of course, is the director of “Cube” and other cult hits, but more recently he’s the guy behind the gene-splicing flick “Splice”. He’s also Canadian, in case you haven’t figured that part out yet. Natali has the horror movie “Haunter” up next.

Until then, get a taste of a little Canadian zombie apocalypse. And, uh, learn CPR or something. You never know when it’ll come in handy.

Via : Quiet Earth