Vincenzo Natali Says No Swamp Thing 3D Movie Anytime Soon

I sorta figured this one might get tossed on the back burner one way or another, but I didn’t think it would be because of legal complications. With Natali already attached to two mega sci-fi projects, “Neuromancer” and “High Rise”, it seemed a bit ambitious for him to have “Swamp Thing” also waiting in the wings. Now it looks like he might not have to worry about over burdening himself after all, because according to Natali, Joel Silver’s “Swamp Thing” 3D reboot might not happen for a while.

Natali tells MTV:

“Unfortunately, there is no ‘Swamp Thing’ movie in the works right now because of all the legal entanglements involved with that particular property. I’m told it won’t happen any time soon.

“Joel Silver was going to do Swamp Thing, and he actually had a couple of scripts in, only to discover later on that the film rights were held by another company. And it’s even more complicated than that, I’m told. So unfortunately, it’s not going to happen any time soon.”

It’s probably for the best. While I’d love to see what he does with a “Swamp Thing” movie, I’d rather he do “Neuromancer” and “High Rise” first. Those two films just seem to have more potential.

But hey, this is Hollywood, so never say never. If Joel Silver wants to make a “Swamp Thing” movie in 3D bad enough, he’ll find the money to buy the rights.