Violent Game Manhunt 2 Gets Banned, Rated Adults Only in U.S.

Hey, at least we didn’t outright ban “Manhunt 2” like Britain and Ireland, so that’s gotta say about us being more tolerant than our comrades Across the Pond, right? Instead of a ban, the self-regulating U.S. gaming industry slapped Take-Two’s violent as shit and back again game “Manhunt 2” the dreaded “Adults Only” label, which all but dooms it, sales-wise, since no self-respecting (re: giant) store chains stock AO games, including Best Buy, Target and Wal-Mart. As well, Nintendo and Sony refuses to carry such titles on their platforms.

So what does this mean for Take-Two? Well, they’re gonna have to cut down on the violence, that’s for sure, or lose all that money they spent making the game, because online sales alone, devoid of regulations, isn’t going to be nearly enough.

As I recall, in the original Manhunt, you played a condemn convict who, instead of being executed, is instead used as meat on a “Most Dangerous Game” type Reality TV show, and you have to slaughter your way through. According to what I’ve read, the sequel has a new character, but the same (and apparently, much more bloody) scenario.

Some images from Manhunt 2 via IGN: