Violent New Clip From The Last Circus

Alex de la Iglesia’s (“800 Bullets”, “Accion Mutante”) latest film, “The Last Circus” is awesome. That’s the best way to describe it quickly. It is a surrealist take on love, fascism, the Spanish Civil War, and revenge, all set in a goddamn circus. And yes, it is just as nuts as that sounds, and is easily one of my favorite films of this year. “The Last Cirucs” has been making festival rounds for a while, and now Magnet is set to give the film a limited release beginning this weekend. Check it out if you can, it’s worth the effort.

That said, Magnet released a new clip of “The Last Circus” that illustrates a number of the themes that run throughout. There is sex, murder, vengeance, and blood spatter. If you watch it and like what you see, get yourself to a theater this Friday.

Third generation sad clown, Javier (Carlos Areces), falls for Natalia (Carolina Bang), the flirtatious, seductive acrobat, who has an abusive alcoholic boyfriend, which she kind of digs. Things descend into chaos, and at one point Javier lives in a cave, naked, surviving off the corpses of suicidal forest creatures. Then it gets weird, including a bit where Javier, being treated as a dog—literally as a dog, he has to walk on all fours and retrieve downed birds—bites Franco.

“The Last Circus” is a little bit horror, a little bit comedy, and a little bit hallucinatory, with a healthy dose of violence and bloody retribution thrown in for good measure. Seriously, there’s a machine gun wielding clown, you know you want to see this movie.