Viral Videos Are Extremely Hazardous to Your Health in Don’t Click

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Don’t watch that viral video of an adorable cat playing a keyboard, kids, or you’re gonna die. That’s the basic premise for the upcoming South Korean horror outing “Don’t Click”. This kind of movie has been done to death — no pun intended — so I’m curious to see what, if anything, director Kim Tae-kyeong will bring to the cinematic table. The trailer isn’t anything special, mind you, unless you’re still creeped out by videos that could possibly kill you.

A synopsis, of course, has been provided:

Jung-mi, who”s been living alone with her elder sister after their parents left for the US, uploads UCC often in hopes of being famous. She believes that it”s the easy way to make her dream come true: being an anchorwoman. Jung-mi”s sister, Se-hi thinks this is useless and same time dangerous but cannot stop her sister. When Jung-mi finds that the video so called “forbidden video” is in the center of the attention, she asks Se-hi”s boyfriend, Joon-hyuk working at special investigation team for cyber crimes to get her the file. Even though it”s already forbidden, Joon-hyuk illegally downloads the video file from the closed internet site for Jung-mi. She clicks the file only to find out it contains one high school girl”s wicked necromantic ritual. After watching the video, there happen series of strange incidents to Jung-mi. Now, Se-hi has to find the way to save her only sister from the curse of the video.

“Don’t Click” was originally supposed to arrive in South Korean theaters this August, but apparently it’s been pushed back to December. Sucks for those who were awaiting its release this summer. The trailer, meanwhile, resides below.

Source: 24 Frames per Second

Author: Todd Rigney

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  • Arthur

    Love Asian Horror. Love Korean Cinema. Just hope it is not the usual “long-haired Asian ghost girl” type film. There are WAY too many of those now; the impact has worn off. Highly anticipating “Sector 7″ and “The Cat” though. Still need to see “Loner”, “Hidden Floor”, “The Housemaid”, “Poetry” and “The Chaser”. Absolutely loved: “Mother”, “The Host”, “Haeundae”, “Chaw”, “Bedevilled”, “Haunters”, “Midnight FM”, “Nowhere To Hide”, “Into The Mirror”, “Natural City”, “A Tale Of Two Sisters”, “Phone”, “Hansel & Gretel”, “Memories Of Murder”, “I’m A Cyborg But That’s Ok”, “The Isle”, “The Quiet Family”, “Arang”, “Wishing Stairs”, “Apartment”, “Ryeong” aka “The Ghost”, “Save The Green Planet”, “Volcano High” (Korean version only), “Conduct Zero”, “Attack The Gas Station!”, “Sex Is Zero”, “Punch Lady”, “Twilight Gangsters”, “No Blood No Tears”, “My Sassy Girl”, “Surprise”, “My Wife Is A Gangster” 1-3, “My Scary Girl”, “Old Boy”, “Lady Vengeance”, “Sympathy For Mr. Vengeance”, “3-Iron”, “Samaritan Girl”, “Musa The Warrior”, “D-War” and many more.