Virulents could be cool….

virulents1(Article by Tom G.) A reasonably unknown comic (well to me anyway) called Virulents is due to be adapted into a film, and this one could go either way. On one hand the story is as follows:

A small platoon of American soldiers in search of their missing comrades comes across Indian commandos looking for a group of terrorists suspected of hiding a most heinous weapon in the craggy breast of the Hindukush. It’s a night of revelation as the Americans discover the fate of their lost brothers, and the Indians discover the fate of their terrorists. But the terror is not in the form of flesh and blood, or bullets or gunpowder

Gotham Chopra (great name!), producer and Chief Creative Officer at Virgin Comics, sum up the story by saying ‘”What’s the one thing worse than terrorists? Vampire terrorists!!!”. You know he’s absolutely right!

But my question is “What’s worse than a competent director? John Moore!!!”. See the guy who helmed the recent Omen travesty, the redundant Flight of the Phoenix and the odd Behind Enemy Lines, is attached to this feature. So you know, while vampire terrorists sound cool on paper, if anyone can screw it up, I’m sure John Moore will find a way.

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