Voltron Movie Concept Artwork Looks Transformer-esque

Here’s your first look at some concept artwork from the upcoming (if it ever gets made, that is) “Voltron” movie that the boys and girls at Atlas Entertainment are currently working on. According to Joblo, who nabbed the shots, Atlas has just hired the screenwriting tandem of Thomas Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer to work on a script for the movie, and previous reports have the company dumping the Justin Marks’ post-apocalyptic “Voltron” script that had gotten some high marks (ahem) from fanboys who have read it.

(Then again, this is the same Justin Marks who wrote “Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li”, so I can’t fathom how his “Voltron” could have been all that good if that steaming pile of “Chun Li” was all he could manage.)

Anyways, here are the concept artwork. What do you think? Do Optimus Prime and the boys have anything to fear? It certainly looks action-tastic, but definitely not post-apocalyptic, as Lady Liberty looks to still be in one piece in one shot…

Click on the images to enlarge further.