Vroom Vroom! New Fast and Furious 4 Images

Because I know you kids can’t get enough of your “Fast and Furious” movies, here are even more fast and furious images from the movie known for its fast and furious car races. And yes, that’s pretty much all the “fast and furious” I can use without beating myself in the head in self-hate. Anyhoo. Here’s more of Brian and Dom as they strut their stuff alongside their ride. Now I don’t know all that much about cars (gas means go, break means stop, right?), I do know this: those are some bitchin’ rides. Or at least, that’s what my nephew tells me. For some reason, a 15-year old kid knows more about cars than I do. I’m pretty sure I should feel ashamed about that.

The new models and their original parts return April 3, 2009.

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