Wait, That Versus Guy Directed an American Movie?

You know, personally I blame it on my hectic social life. Look, those supermodels aren’t going to date themselves, you know, I gotta pick up my share of the slack. So yeah, when it was announced, and it happened, that Japanese director Ryuhei Kitamura (the guy behind “Versus”, “Alive”, and pretty much every stylish action movie Japan has done in the last 10 years or so) had crossed the ocean to direct his first American movie, the horror flick “Midnight Meat Train”, I was, er, asleep at the wheel. As in, I didn’t even know about the movie until now. My bad.

And now that I’ve told you the good news, there is, of course, bad news to go along with it. Ryuhei Kitamura’s American debut will also get a limited run in theaters before heading straight to DVD, where Lionsgate wants to dump it, according to the grisly boys at Shock Til You Drop.

So what’s it about?

A New York photographer hunts down a serial killer. Based on Clive Barker’s short story “Midnight Meat Train”.

Kitamura directs from a script by Jeff Buhler, based on the short story by Clive Barker. It stars Bradley Cooper, Vinnie Jones as the psycho killer, Leslie Bibb as the hero’s girlfriend, and Brooke Shields as a bitch of an editor.

Here’s a trailer:

Despite some positive word of mouth, and the gore hounds seem gung ho about the movie throughout the net, that trailer looks pretty pedestrian to me. Nothing special, especially from a visual master like Kitmaura. I have to say, I’m somewhat disappointed from what I can see. What, not even one slow-motion shot of a sword cutting someone’s head off? Eh.

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Midnight Meat Train Movie