Wait, Why’s Batman Working at Walmart? Oh, That’s Why…

Step aside, Christopher Nolan! The Taiwanese animators at Next Media Animation have created their very own version of the teaser trailer for “The Dark Knight Rises”, and I have to admit, it definitely shows more of the film’s plot. For instance, I didn’t know Bruce Wayne lost Wayne Manor because of dipping stock prices, and ends up working at Walmart. I mean, that’s gotta be pretty rough.

Next Media Animation, for those who don’t know, are famous for their outlandish takes on American political news. Well, for us, anyway. I’m sure they spend just as much time lampooning other countries, but we only get them around here when they do something silly like their current take on the debt crisis in D.C. To this day, I don’t know if they make their news items this absurd on purpose just to get eyeballs to their videos, or if they’re oblivious. I guess you’d have to understand Chinese to “get” their tone with these videos.

In any case, here’s there take on “The Dark Knight Rises” teaser trailer. Christopher Nolan ain’t got nothing on these guys.

Via I09