Walking Dead Season 2 Begins Casting Hershel’s Farmers

Well we know Hershel’s farm would figure into AMC’s “The Walking Dead” sooner or later, and some has suspected it would be sometime in season 2 when the gang runs across Hershel and his kin. To get prep for the trip to the old farming stead, AMC has begun casting three characters for the upcoming season — Hershel himself, his daughter Maggie, and ranch hand Otis.

Cast breakdowns courtesy of TVline:

According to some just-released casting intel, Hershel himself is a [veterinarian] — a Wilford Brimley type.

His daughter, Maggie, sounds like a younger version of Andrea with better horseback-riding skills.

Finally, there’s Otis, the middle-aged ranch foreman who’s such a sweetheart that he all but loses it when he accidentally shoots a fellow survivor.

Those who have read the comic books by Robert Kirkman, from which the show is based, will of course realize the importance of Hershel’s farm (and its inhabitants) to the survivors, especially in the aftermath of the CDC, well, fiasco that ended Season 1.