Walking Deason Season 2 will be Sexier, More Violent, and a Lot More Shane-tastic

Some of you who have read the original Robert Kirkman comic books that AMC’s “The Walking Dead” is based on already knows this by now, but those of you who have never picked up the comics probably don’t, but Shane (Jon Bernthal’s character on the show) wasn’t supposed to live for very long. Nope. After failing to fight his urge to shoot Rick in the back, Shane is instead shot dead by Rick’s son, Carl. In the comics, anyway. On the show, Shane managed to resist the urge (if just barely), and thus, he’s still hanging around.

And it’s a good thing, too. Rick is a great leading man and all, but Shane is a pretty awesome second character on the show, and “The Walking Dead” just wouldn’t feel the same without him. Of course, leaving Shane alive may end up making other characters that were of vital importance to Rick in the comic book a bit harder to shoehorned in. Ex-NFL badass Tyrese, for one, who was Rick’s second-in-command in the comics for quite a long period. I suppose they could still add him later on, but with Shane around, his character might seem a bit redundant.

Anyways, the “Walking Dead” cast and crew held a panel over at Paleyfest over the weekend, and a lot was revealed about what we can expect from the forthcoming Season 2, which won’t be airing until, gasp, the Fall. Sigh. E! Online has all your news, but here are the highlights:

  • Herschel’s farm, of course, will make a lengthy appearance as previously reported. Which means scavenger extraordinaire Glenn will finally get a little somethin’ somethin’. Laurie Holden says her Andrea will also get a little action in the sack, too.
  • The Rick-Lori-Shane “problem” will continue to fester, especially in light of Lori’s impending pregnancy. Was this what the late Doc Jenner whispered to Rick towards the end of the Season 1 finale? Showrunner Frank Darabont says we’ll find out pretty fast.
  • Can we expect one-handed racist redneck Merle (Michael Rooker) back? Maybe. What about concerned father Morgan (Lennie James) and his son? Maybe, too. But Darabont says that speculation Merle could end up being The Governor is just not wrong, though given that Merle has lost a hand, and one of the main characters end up losing a hand, too, well, that would just be poetic, wouldn’t it?
  • There will also be new characters, of course. Kirkman says to look to the comic for clues. Michonne, anyone?