Wally Pfister is Directing a Movie and Christopher Nolan is Producing it, Just Don’t Ask Them What It’s Called or What It’s About

Wally PfisterJust don’t ask what it is, or even what it’s called, cause they’re not telling. That should last for, oh, a couple of months or two.

Wally Pfister is, of course, Nolan’s longtime cinematographer, having shot pretty much all of the director’s films since they initially hooked up on 2000’s “Memento”. Pfister will be making his directorial debut on an untitled thriller for Alcon Entertainment, with Nolan and his wife Emma Thomas serving as executive producers. Being able to advertise the film as, “From the minds of the guys who did the Batman movies, Inception, and Memento” should sell plenty of tickets, I would imagine.

Pfister, who has been nominated for multiple Oscars for his work as a cinematographer (before finally winning one for “Inception”), will direct from a script by Jack Paglen. No word on what the movie is about, but expect it to start shooting by fall or early winter.

I am a fan of Pfister, not just for his works onscreen (which are easy to be a fan of), but also for his total dismissal of the 3D fad. Love that. I just hope we don’t hear an announcement that this untitled thriller he’s working on will be in … 3D. I mean, it would be hilarious if that’s ended up happening. Hilarious, and more than a little sad. Okay, a LOT sad.

Leonardo DiCaprio, Michael Caine, Wally Pfister, Christopher Nolan and Ellen Page on the set of Inception (2010) Movie Image

Via : Heat Vision