Wanna Know How The Dark Knight Begins?

So, you wanna know how the “Batman Begins” sequel, “The Dark Knight” begins, and how the Joker is introduced? Apparently it happens at the same time — the Joker makes his appearance at the very beginning of the film, and — well, head on below to find out how it happens. From everything I’ve seen of the Joker, he’s going to be a homicidal maniac through and through, parts insane and parts psychopath. You know, just the way he should be. Heath Ledger plays the Joker, and Christian Bale returns as Bruce Wayne, aka Batman.

From Latino Review:

The Dark Knight begins with the Joker robbing a huge bank (we’ve seen photos of this everywhere). The bank is where the mob and all the gangs in Gotham keep all of their money. The Joker takes this money and holds it “ransom”. The Joker then says to the mob and the gangs of Gotham, “If you help me take down Batman, you’ll get your money back. If not, I’m going to burn it all.” This is how the Joker assembles his army to take down Batman.

Speaking of the Joker, it just never seemed right with me that Batman would keep letting him live after all of his homicidal binges. How many people has the Joker killed in the comics, thousands? Tens of thousands over the years? And the Batman just keeps letting him get arrested, where he invariably escapes to kill some more. I’m just saying…