Wanna Muay Thai Kick Some Dudes in the Face? Enter: Ong Bak The Video Game

Ong Bak The Video Game Title

In a videogame version of the Tony Jaa movie “Ong Bak”, anyway. I don’t recommend then going out and trying it in real life, as that’s liable to get you punched in the face. And let me assure you, getting punched in the face kinda hurts. A lot.

Anyhoo. Sahamongkol Film International, the folks behind the “Ong Bak” film franchise, has gone into business with game developers Studio HIVE of Thailand to create a game based on the 2003 Prachya Pinkaew movie “Ong Bak”, which starred Tony Jaa as a country bumpkin who goes into the city, armed with his lethal knees and elbows, with which he deals out justice to various scumbags.

No word on what players will be able to do, or what form the game will take, but given the main draw of “Ong Bak” (i.e. the relentless Muay Thai action), I suspect the ability to Muay Thai kick, punch, knee, and elbow your way through a swath of bad guys will be included.

Or in other words, it should be just like the movies:

Via : Wise Kwai