Want a Veronica Mars Movie? You Might Get It Soon.

I saw exactly 10 minutes of a Veronica Mars episode back in the day when the show was still on the air. That’s pretty much it. But apparently a whole lot of people have seen more than that, and since the show has been canceled, they’ve been holding their breath for a return to Mars — maybe even in movie form? According to the show’s creator Rob Thomas (no, not the dude from Matchbox 20, although that would be kinda cool if he was), he has talked to the show’s star, Kristen Bell and the movie version of Veronica Mars is now his “top priority” as soon as he gets some free time.

TV Squad has this:

Thomas confirms that “Kristen and I ran into each other, and we did discuss a Veronica movie.” He even said that he’s had a few conversations with VM executive producer, Joel Silver. Lest you think these are just idle chats between old friends, Thomas assures us that “as soon as I have any free time, [the movie is] my top priority.”

I couldn’t tell you what a Veronica Mars movie would entail, but as I hear it, at the end of the TV show Veronica had joined the FBI, and there was even an episode shot of her working as a G-woman going undercover in high school again. A big screen movie version of Mars would probably not break the box office, although it could do well as a series of TV movies on the CW network. In fact, that might be the way to go. It would definitely be cheaper to make, and thus, easier to get off the ground.

Below: The gang’s all back. Maybe.