Want Some Captain America Movie Plot Spoilers? Get Some.

First the “Thor” spoilers, now “Captain America: The First Avenger” spoilers. Yup, you either love this, or you don’t. It’s entirely up to you if you want to click on the link I’m going to offer you below or steer clear of it like it’s some kind of raging STD. Either way, don’t come crying later on. YOU HAVE BEEN PROPERLY WARNED!

That said, the spoilers apparently come from a French magazine called “L’Ecran Fantastique” and features an interview with “Captain America” production designer Rick Heinrichs, who apparently doesn’t quite “get” that you shouldn’t reveal so much about the movie, including how it opens and ends, and what the major plot points are, re: what that rascal the Red Skull is all up to.

Then again, I’ve been bitten in the ass before by spoilers/news that are supposed to come from a foreign newspaper/TV show/magazine/online source that turned out to be false, so take it for what you will.

Click to read the full article over at CBM. Here are some of the highlights:

[spoiler]- 90% of the film takes place between 1939-1945, but is book-ended by scenes from the present, including the discovery of a WWII Bomber in the Artic to open the film.

– Howard Stark, aka Tony Stark’s father, makes a cameo appearance at a science exhibition in New York showing off his wares, including some spunky anti-gravity boots.

– The main plot has the Red Skull, the head of Hydra, trying to uncover the secrets of the Cosmic Cube.

– Captain America’s first real mission involves saving his pal Bucky, who has been captured by Hydra, and some types who may turn out to be either the Howling Commandos (or the Invaders?). This last point isn’t exactly clear.

– Plus, you learn how the film ends, though given how it begins, you may have already figured this part out already.[/spoiler]

If you were brave enough not to click on the SPOILERS above, good for you! But if you weren’t, what did you think? NOTE: those wishing not to be spoiled should probably skip the comments section, too.