Wanted: A Sequel to Wanted

Angelina Jolie in Wanted (2008) Movie ImageYay, more pointless curving bullets! Yup, that’s right, folks, Timur Bekmambetov’s “Wanted” did so gosh darn well (as well as shattering all expectations) that Universal has greenlit a sequel to be put out post-haste, with Bekmambetov back in the director’s chair, and Michael Brandt and Derek Haas back behind the typewriters. Or computer. (Or whatever it is the kids use these days to bang out their ridiculous screenplays.) Of course, considering what happened to Jolie’s character — well, this will either be a prequel focusing on a young Fox, or a sequel starring McAvoy.

Says Variety on the sequel news:

Proceeding at quicker pace is “Wanted 2,” though Platt acknowledged that the creative team is still working on the challenge of continuing the story after most of the principal characters — including Angelina Jolie — ended the original in no position for an encore. But the film was designed as a potential franchise, Langley said, and it is still performing strongly after grossing $192.6 million worldwide. The intention is to get James McAvoy back into gunslinging mode.

“The writers are at work already, and those creative discussions are taking place,” said Platt, who is producing once again with Jim Lemley.

Angelina Jolie’s got 50 kids to feed now, so a sequel would definitely pay some of the bills. Can you imagine how much nannies cost these days?

Angelina Jolie in Wanted (2008) Movie Image