Wanted Behind-the-Scenes Featurette

My guess is that “Wanted” will probably do okay at the box office when it’s finally released on June 27, 2008, but it won’t be a major hit. Chances are, it’ll be good enough to spit out a direct-to-DVD sequel or two, maybe, but the film just won’t have a whole lot of draw for many people. Most of the people who will see it will be fans of Mark Millar’s comic book of the same name, but everyone else will probably check it out for the action and Angelina Jolie doing what she does best — playing the bad girl on screen.

Here’s a pretty lengthy, 4-minute long behind-the-scenes featurette on “Wanted”, featuring more scenes from the film, and interviews with director Timur Bekmambetov and comic book writer Mark Millar, who, again, seems pleased as punch with the movie. Methinks Mark just wants to make a good impression on the Hollywood folks, this being his first movie and all. Then again, it’s kind of refreshing to hear a comic book writer NOT rant and rave like a maniac about the movie version of his books, i.e. Alan Moore.

Check it out for yourself: