Wanted Clip: Killing People is Fun

If all the “Wanted” clips are any indication, shooting helpless people when they least expect it is really fun, especially when Angelina Jolie and her teasing nakedness is there to lend you a hand. This latest “Wanted” clip has Wesley Gibson (James McAvoy) giving the middle finger to gravity and suspension of disbelief by taking out a limo-riding, bulletproof-glass hiding bad guy big shot in the most improbable of ways.

How do we know the guy he’s about to whack is a bad guy big shot? Well, for one, he’s riding in a limo, and we know what gas guzzlers those are, so he has to be evil right there cause he doesn’t care about the environment and whatnot; two, he’s smoking a cigar, and as Hollywood has taught us, nothing screams “evil” like puffing on a big, beefy cigar in the comforts of your gas guzzling limo. What a bastard. It’s a good thing Wesley is there to put a bullet through his brain and put him out of our miserable existence.

Let that be a lesson to all you bad guy big shots!

“Wanted” opens June 27.