Wanted Guys Already Talking Sequels. So What Else is New?

My fellow movie site guys always find ways to surprise me. Here’s one: they’re shocked that the guys behind “Wanted” are already talking about making a sequel to their not-yet-opened movie. Guys, really? You’re shocked by this “news”? Movie people are always “talking” about sequels (or in some cases, trilogies!) to movies that haven’t opened yet. This is what’s called “feeler” — float it out there, see what people think. 99% of the time it never amounts to anything because the movie, eventually, goes on to do poorly, or the stars have other things to do that doesn’t involve roman numerals.

But hey, who am I to pour water on my fellow movie geeks. Here’s what MTV has to say regarding possible “Wanted” sequels while talking to “Wanted” co-star Terence Stamp:

Now, as that bullet-ridden action flick is getting ready for release on June 27th, Stamp is eager to drop a bombshell of his own: The filmmakers are already talking sequel.

“I play a character who’s called Pekwarsky,” Stamp explained. “He’s an enigmatic character who doesn’t feature a lot in the first one, but it’s something that’s written for a sequel.”

Of course they’re talking about a sequel, guys at MTV. They always talk about sequels. It’s Hollywood. If one works, repeat until they stop working, and even if they stop working, just remake it a year later in hopes that it’ll work again. It’s called being ass lazy. Aka Hollywood Think.

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