War Rages in First Promo Trailer for Spartacus Season 3

Liam McIntyre in SPARTACUS Season 3

After a wild and bloody (and as expected, sex-filled) second season, STARZ’s “Spartacus” is poised to make its return next year, in January 2013. Until then, check out the first promo trailer for the upcoming season, featuring Sparty himself Liam McIntyre riding through what looks like a bloody battlefield doing what he does best — swinging a sword and no doubt collecting the wigs of foes like a boss.

If the first two seasons are any indication, the new season should have its own title. The first season was “Blood and Sand”, since it took place almost exclusively in the arena where Spartacus was trained as a gladiator, with season 2 called “Vengeance” and boy, was it a vengeful season. Season 3 promises to introduce a whole new set of characters and enemies for Spartacus to rage against. People on this show tend to die off pretty regularly, and the finale of Season 2 much took a big cleaver to the cast, opening a huge hole for a lot of new faces to fill.

Season 3 of “Spartacus” returns this January 2013 on the STARZ network.