Warm Bodies’ R Gets a Zombie Buddy in Rob Corddry

Warm Bodies Novel CoverJonathan Levine’s post-apocalyptic/horror/romance “Warm Bodies” has found its sidekick zombie in former “Daily Show” funnyman turned honest to goodness actor Rob Corddry, who will be playing a zombie name “M” in the flick.

Based on the zombie novel of the same name by Isaac Marion, “Warm Bodies” is set after a zombie plague has decimated much of the world’s population. The story finds Nicholas Hoult (“X-Men: First Class”) playing “R”, a zombie who isn’t exactly like all the other undead ghouls. For one, R likes to question his existence in-between the growling and searching for human flesh to munch on. After he takes a bite of brain bits from his latest victim, R begins to experience the man’s memories, including his victim’s love for a living girl named Julie (to be played by “I am Number Four’s” Teresa Palmer). Before you know it, R is suddenly starting to form words and possibly falling in love with Julie, much to the chagrin of everyone around him, both living and dead.

In the book, Corddry’s M is essentially the hero’s sidekick and token comedic relief, though he does eventually become a very big part of the undead movement that R unwittingly launches. I always imagined the character would be a whole lot younger than Corddry, and in fact I always thought Matthew Lillard of “Scooby Doo” fame would have made a great M, but alas, Levine and company apparently doesn’t share that notion.

Production on “Warm Bodies” is set for next September.

Rob Corddry