Warner Bros and De Line Buy Screen Rights to Ready Player One

It looks like “Fanboys” writer Ernie Cline has had no trouble selling the screen rights to his latest nerdy adventure “Ready Player One”. This is something most writers can only dream of. Not only did he get a sweet six-figure publishing deal with Random House, auctioning began for screen rights only one day after and all the major producers were interested. The auction finished with Warner Bros and De Line Pictures securing the rights for another six-figure deal.

According to Deadline, the basic synopsis of “Ready Player One” is:

The book focuses on teen Wade Watts, who escapes his bleak surroundings by logging into Oasis, a globally networked utopia where users lead idyllic lives. The game’s eccentric founder dies and offers his billion dollar fortune as the grand prize in an elaborate treasure hunt. Watts competes against rival game players and corporate foes who’ll do anything, in the Oasis world and in the real world to reach the treasure first. Paradigm and Farah Films & Management and attorney Matt Galsor rep Cline. International book rights are now being auctioned.

Essentially, the movie will feature several CGI heavy scenes in an online world that is not unlike Second Life. We can only hope, for the sake of the movie, that Oasis is slightly more interesting than Second Life.