Superman: Unbound and Justice League: Flashpoint Animated Movies Coming in 2013

Justice League Flashpoint Comic Book CoverIf you’re a fan of D.C. and Warner Bros.’ slate of original direct-to-DVD animated movies based on D.C.’s superhero line-up (okay, basically Superman and Batman, and every now and then the rest of the D.C. U shows up in a team movie just for variety’s sake), then you’re probably already aware that the studios have decided to shut down this part of their partnership. Which means, after 2013, it’s looking doubtful that there will be more D.C. animated movies. Of course, if you guys start buying up these movies between now and then, they could always change their minds…

Anyways, we already know that “Batman: The Dark Knight Returns Part 2” is on the way in early 2013 (January or February), and now here is official confirmation from the studios themselves that Bats will be followed up by two original animated movies called “Superman: Unbound” and “Justice League: Flashpoint”.

“Superman: Unbound” will be based on the Geoff Johns “Superman/Brainiac” story arc, and is due out by mid-2013. Never heard of this one.

“Justice League: Flashpoint” will be based on another Geoff Johns story, this time the mini-series “Flashpoint”, and is due out in the second half of 2013. From what I recall, this is the mega universe crossover storyline that led into D.C.’s reboot “New 52” line-up.

After that? Who knows.

And oh yeah, they’re also releasing “Lego Batman: The Movie – D.C. Superheroes Unite” next year as an original direct-to-DVD animated movie. For, uh, you folks who are into this sort of thing. (By the way, the Lego Batman voice? About a few hundred times better than Peter Weller’s Batman. Just saying.)