Warner Bros. Fast-Tracking Sherlock Holmes Sequel

Filmmakers, producers, and actors all go into a movie publicly talking about creating a franchise, but it’s very rare that a movie does end up producing just that — a viable, bankable movie franchise. In the case of Guy Ritchie’s “Sherlock Holmes”, a franchise is born, thanks to almost $400 million in worldwide box office, with the film still to open in a half dozen major markets, including Germany, Japan, and France. And don’t think Warner Bros. hasn’t taken notice. According to this interview with the film’s producer Joel Silver in the LA Times, the studio is keen on getting all the boys back together for a “Sherlock Holmes” sequel.

With a “Sherlock Holmes 2” in the wings, it means a number of projects that were announced for the film’s star and director have fallen by the wayside. For Robert Downey Jr., he’s had to jump ship from the sci-fi Western “Cowboys and Aliens” with “Iron Man” buddy Jon Favreau. Guy Ritchie, meanwhile, may have to give up directing the live-action version of D.C. Comic’s “Lobo” to get to work on the “Holmes” sequel. But fear not, fans of “Lobo”, because according to Silver, there’s a good chance the movie will still move forward as planned, only with a new director.

If you’ve seen “Sherlock Holmes”, then you know it lends itself easily to a sequel, with the main character’s chief villain, Moriarty having been introduced throughout the film. Speculation has Brad Pitt playing Holmes’ greatest nemesis, but Silver doesn’t sound very positive about that.

“Well, I mean, we talked about that at one point, but you know as of right now we’re not sure what we’re going to do. We’ll see what happens.”

To be perfectly honest with you, while getting Pitt for the sequel would be a major coup for the film, I’m not sure if it would work. I don’t think Brad Pitt has ever really played a character that was more brains than brawn, and honestly, I don’t know if he could. Holmes’ Moriarty should be regal, snobbish, and, well, British. When I think “British”, I don’t think Brad Pitt. Granted, you could say that about Robert Downey Jr., and look how well that turned out. So who knows?

But with Warner Bros. fast-tracking the “Sherlock Holmes” sequel, announcements should be forthcoming. Chief among them, who will be playing Moriarty.

I'm gonna gut you, Sherlock Holmes, gut you like a Nazi basterd. Er, I mean, bastard.