Warner Bros. Goes in Search of The Lost Years of Merlin

If you’ve been watching the Starz Channel’s “Camelot”, then you know Joseph Fiennes makes for a surprisingly very good Merlin. Of course, the show does go a tad overboard every now and then with the whole “the legend has a tragic truth” bit, and I still don’t get how Morgan, who acts crazy in every episode, maintains her power at her castle, but whatever.

Anyway, Warner Bros. is ready to plunge back into the Arthurian legend for more stories, and have set their sights on finding the “The Lost Years of Merlin”, a movie that will, of course, focus on the early times of the famous magician/wizard. THR reports that the studio has hired former Oprah employee Ed Whitworth to pen them a script based on the first book in a series of fantasy young adult novels by Thomas A. Barron.

According to this Amazon description, the first novel by Barron never actually touches on the whole Arthur and Camelot stuff:

This first installment in a planned trilogy about Merlin’s shadowy youth takes some intriguing twists. Young Emrys washes up on a Welsh beach with a woman who claims to be his mother. For years, they share a hovel, but Branwen tells him nothing about his past. One day he discovers that he has some unusual powers; using them to kindle a fire in Branwen’s defense, he is blinded by the flames. However, he learns to see without eyes?using his “second sight.” Desperate to know about his past, Emrys, now 12, sets off on an ocean journey. He lands on Fincayra, where he plunges into a dangerous quest to rescue the island from the destructive blight caused by a pact between its king and an evil power. In the process, he befriends a young Fincayran girl and a dwarf who becomes a giant through a brave deed. Emrys also learns the truth about his origins.

Donald De Line is producing what the studio hopes is another (of course) potential franchise. “Mr. and Mrs. Smith’s” Simon Kinberg previously took a crack at the script.

And in case you’re not watching it, give Camelot’s “Starz” a try. Fiennes as Merlin is fantastic.