Warner Bros. May Saddle Up for The Dark Tower

The Dark Tower Comic Book CoverEver wondered if Stephen King’s massive tome about a mysterious gunslinger searching for his one-armed man — er, I mean, the Man in Black — will ever reach a multiplex cinema near you? After Universal dumped the property for being too expensive, it was looking unlikely. Then there were rumors HBO might step up to the plate, but nothing’s come from that, either.

Now it looks like Warner Bros. may take over where Universal and HBO failed. Of course, we’ve heard this before, so …

According to the trades, though, it’s looking good that Warner Bros. will make “The Dark Tower” finally happen, with Ron Howard still attached to direct the first of a proposed trilogy. Word is, the studio and the producers of the franchise are “very close to a deal” to make it all happen. You gotta wonder what that means in terms of budget. Before they bailed, Universal said the budget was too high and wanted it lowered, and when writer/producer Akiva Goldsman, Howard, and producer Brian Grazer couldn’t lower it enough to their satisfaction, they bailed anyway. Does Warner Bros. stepping in mean the budget is now low enough?

The plan, apparently, is still to make the three movies, along with two mini-series that would pick up where the movies left off. HBO could end up with the two mini-series. Of course, do we really need a mini-series component, too? Isn’t three movies enough to tell the complete tale? Three movies and two mini-series seems a bit overkill, even if the world King created is as vast.

Javier Bardem, currently stalking Bond in “Skyfall”, is still attached to play the lead, Roland Deschain, but that was a while ago, and who knows if he might have filled up his schedule since. He was never really my first choice for the role, so I wouldn’t be too sad to see him take a flyer. Viggo Mortensen, now that’s a mythical gunfighter is there ever was one…

The Dark Tower Novel Cover

Via : Deadline