Warner Bros. Officially Starts Work on the I Am Legend Prequel

I am Legend (2007) Movie PosterWe’ve heard about Warner Bros. anxious to do a prequel to the Will Smith film “I am Legend” for a while now ($585 million worldwide box office will tend to do that), but it’s always just been talk.

Now it’s more than just talk: Warner Bros. has officially closed a deal with Akiva Goldsman to develop the sequel/prequel, with Arash Amel writing a script.

The idea is, of course, for Will Smith’s character, scientist/survivor Robert Neville to return, since a direct sequel to the 2007 hit would be impossible given the, er, scattered state of Neville after the end of that movie. A prequel, then, is the only way to go, since an “I am Legend” sequel without Will Smith is a direct-to-DVD throwaway film, so of course they had to go back instead of forward on the franchise.

Eh, I suppose it’s not such a bad idea. A film centered entirely around the bloody collapse of mankind could be cool, too. We’ve already seen the aftermath of the end of the world. Now let’s see how it got that way. Could be really action-packed, too, with tons of pathos for Neville as he loses his family and loses his fight against the bloodsuckers, only to find himself … alone.

Smith is apparently interested, but won’t commit until he sees Amel’s finished script. Meanwhile, Francis Lawrence, who directed the first movie, recently said that he didn’t think the sequel would ever happen. Someone tell Francis it’s actually happening.

Will Smith in I am Legend (2007) Movie Image

Via : Deadline