Warner Bros. Readies Suicide Squad Movie

Warner Bros. continues to look into its D.C. Universe back catalog for a property that it can turn into a movie, and its latest find is “The Suicide Squad”, a comic book about reformed supervillains turned government hit team given “Dirty Dozen” type jobs that they are not expected to walk away from. You know, your standard government job, minus the health plan and pension.

THR fills us in on the squad:

Originally a back-up feature in 1960s “The Brave and the Bold,” the stories focused on a team of non-super-powered people fighting monstrous menaces. The Squad was reconceived in the 1980s as a team of supervillains given one last shot at redemption by the government by accomplishing missions that will most likely kill them.

We are, of course, dealing with the ’80s incarnation, which means Deadshot, one of the cooler characters out of the DCU, is a shoo-in for the line-up. I just hope they leave that boomerang guy at home. I mean, come on, his power is that he throws boomerangs. WTF?

Anyways, comic book movie go-to guy Justin Marks has been tapped to write the script for Warner Bros, with Dan Lin via his Lin Pictures shingle producing.

Below: “Don’t worry, this mission will be a cinch. Right, guys?”